Voting Treasures are a type of Treasure. They can be opened with Voting Keys that can be obtained only from voting for the server. Each vote grants 1 Key that can open 1 Voting Treasure. The rewards are different on each sub-server. Voting Treasures were added on the 1st of August 2015.

Current RewardsEdit

Voting Treasure Rewards 21st April 2018

Item InfoEdit

The sword types for the animation:

  • Common - Stone
  • Rare - Gold
  • Legendary - Diamond
  • Epic - Iron

Item InfoEdit

Item Description Servers
Harvest Hoe Automatically puts the crop to your inventory and replants it. Skyblock
Explosive Pickaxe Mines a 3x3 area. Skyblock
Voting Pickaxe Has Fortune 5, Unbreaking III and Efficiency 30 Prison


  • 1st July, 2016 - Cow and Pig Spawners added on Skyblock
  • 2nd September, 2016 - Factions rewards changed
  • 9th March, 2017 - Currency rewards added, spawners added and chance of Beacon changed on Survival
  • 9th January, 2018 - Treasure Chest Revamp
  • 21st April, 2018 - Explosive Pickaxe added

Previous RewardsEdit