Ultra Hardcore (also known as UHC), is one of the Minigames on Minecraft Central. It was added the 6th June 2015. At first, UHC featured both Solo and Team UHC with 30 minute and 60-minute games. This was later reduced to only Team UHC with a 30-minute game. There are no specific maps on Ultra Hardcore, as they are randomly generated. There are 15 arenas.

The maximum amount of players per arena is 30. At least 15 players are required to start the game.

General infoEdit

The idea of Ultra Hardcore is to survive until death match. The big difference to Survival Games is that you can't regenerate health unless you eat golden apples. Almost all resources need to be got from mining or breaking blocks. The arena is surrounded by a big bedrock wall. After 30 minutes the death match with the remaining teams begins, in an enclosed small area. Players can't break blocks, nor place them. Lava and water can be placed, however.

The teams consist of two players. The team members can use /Chat to communicate only between the two players. They have their own color and formatting code fonts in the TAB. The TAB also shows the amount of hearts each player has left. The teams can be chosen by the players by doing /Team [NAME]. If no team is selected, the game automatically assigns a player to your team.

Ultra Hardcore MerchantsEdit

See Merchants for more information.


There are no specific maps on Ultra Hardcore.

Donator advantagesEdit

- Gold ranks get /workbench. This opens up a virtual crafting table.
- Diamond ranks can use colored chat.

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