Survival Games is one of the Minigames of Minecraft Central. It has been around from the start. There are 75 arenas and 28 maps. A maximum of 24 players may play at one arena at the same time, and 15 players are required to start the game.

The amount of required players used to be 6 but was increased to 10 at the same time when the Minigame Lobby was added to Survival Games in 16th June 2016. The requirement was changed to 24 with the SG update of 29th May 2017. It was changed to 15 players on the 13th of March 2018.

General infoEdit

The idea of Survival Games is to be the last player standing. Players try to kill others and also fight against starvation. There are chests around the maps in which you can find food, armour and weapons from. There is a 30 minute time limit. If 30 minutes has passed and there are still over 3 players alive, an automatic death match will start. Death match also naturally starts if there are 3 players left. The chests refill after 15 minutes.

In 29th May 2017 Team Survival Games was added. The players can use /team NAME to find themselves a pair. There are 12 teams. The game works similarly to the Solo Survival Games. In 30th May 2017 lightning effect was added when players die. In 31st May 2017 an explosion sound was added to inform players of a death. The ability to vote for maps was added in 29th June 2017.

Survival Games MerchantsEdit

See Merchants for more information.


There are 28 maps. These are Highway, Holiday Resort, The Lost Zoo, Vareide Map 1, Vareide Map 4, Vareide Map 5, Vareide Map 7, Sequia, Turbulance, Alaskan Village, Teweran Map 1, Teweran Map 2, Valleyside University, Breeze Island, Breeze Island 2, Rise of Orient, Par 72, Forlorn, Eau De Source, Moonbase 9, Highfield Estate, Chernobyl 2015, Caelum Mundi, Avaricia, San Andreas, Wyvern's Wake, Zone 85 and Pirate Bay.

One map was removed in 29th June 2017. This map was Demons Breeze. The map Solar Frost may have been removed at the same time.

Donator AdvantagesEdit

- Iron ranks get a wolf spawnegg when the game starts.
- Gold ranks get /workbench. This opens up a virtual crafting table.
- Bedrock ranks get a compass which they can use to see the direction of the nearest player.