Spleef Run was one of the original Minigames Minecraft Central had. It was removed due to unpopularity. Later a similar game was implemented, called TNT Run.

General Info

In Spleef Run players tried not to fall into the Void after the snowblocks they were standing on disappeared. Players would run around the map, making the snowblocks they stepped on disappear. There were several layers in each map.

Spleef Run Merchants

There were a few perks in Spleef Run. Players were able to double jump if they fell down and players got speed effects if they bought the perk. The prices and exact perks aren't known.


There were at last 3 different maps on Spleef Run. One was a star-shaped arena with multiple layers. There was also a map that had a stadium theme in it.

If you remember more details about Spleef Run, don't hesitate to tell them!

Fun Facts

After they deleted Spleef Run, all the money spent on the perks was refunded

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