Premium+ was one of the ranks on Minecraft Central. It cost 50.00 AUS and was purchasable from the server's webstore. This rank was added in 1st October 2013 and removed the 2nd February 2014.


• Blue name in chat
• 5000 Credits Upon Purchase
• x2.5 times Credits from Minigames
• Ability to join full Minigames
• Ability to /fly in the Lobby
• Portable Workbench on Survival Games (/workbench)
• Compass pointing to the nearest player on Survival Games
• Wolf Companion on Survival Games
• Speed Potion as a Seeker on Hide and Seek
• Reduced time to turn solid as the Hider (3 seconds)
• Receive a bow on Hide and Seek
• Deal x1.5 times more damage as Hider on Hide and Seek
• 4 Free Double Jumps on Spleef Run

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