Particle effects are effects players can use in-game. By doing /Effects or /Effect, the player opens a GUI where they can choose one effect out of 12 different ones. Each effect can be bought individually, costing $3.99 USD. Players can also buy them all in a bundle pack with $19.99 USD. The Particle Effects were added the 25th April 2015. Players had been able to do /Effects or /Effect before this date but got only a message with a shortened link leading into a non-existing Buycraft category page. The original prizes were $2.00 USD for a single effect and $15.00 USD for all of them in one pack.

The commands /Effects and /Effect can be used on all servers and even in Minigames. The particle effect stays the same even if you log out. There is an option to remove all the Particle Effects in the Particle Effect menu. The menu layout changed when the effects were integrated into the Cosmetics system in 1st April 2016. Effects can now be chosen through the Cosmetic Menu in Lobbies, too.

List of Particle Effects