One in the Chamber

One in the Chamber (OITC) is one of the Minigames on Minecraft Central. This Minigame was added 17th September 2015. In 20th November 2015 it was integrated into the Arcade. There are 5 maps and 10 arenas. The maximum amount of players that can join a game of OITC is 12. A minimum of 6 players are required to start the game.

General Info Edit

The objective of OITC is to be the first player to reach 25 kills. Players start with a bow and a stone axe which can be upgraded through the OITC Merchant. Players must shoot other players (one shot will kill a player) or attack them with their weapon. Each player only has 1 arrow to start. For each player they kill, the player receives one more arrow. After respawning, the player starts again with 1 arrow. The game ends when a player reaches 25 kills.

OITC Merchants Edit

See Merchants for more information.

Maps Edit

There are 5 maps. These are North Star, Japan, Divine, Hobbiton and Miners Town.

Donator AdvantagesEdit

There are no donator advantages on One in the Chamber.


One in the Chamber used to have its own portal and a NPC in the Lobbies. This NPC was a man with only 1 eye and who was holding a bow. The item in the Server Selector GUI Menu was an arrow.

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