Murder Mayhem is one of the Minigames of Minecraft Central. It was added in 6th May 2017. There are 10 maps. A maximum of 16 players may play at one game at the same time, and 10 players are required to start the game. (Used to be 16 until 10th March 2018).

General infoEdit

There are 3 roles in Murder Mayhem; Bystander, Detective and Murderer. As a Bystander or Detective the objective is to find out who the murderer is, and to kill them. As a murderer your objective is to kill everyone and not get noticed. There is a time limit of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, after which the game ends and the Bystanders win.

Detectives start the game with a bow and arrow that they can use to kill the Murderer. Bystanders can get a bow by collecting 5 emeralds. Emeralds spawn around the map. The Murderer starts with an iron sword. The Murderer can throw the sword by Shifting and Right-Clicking.

In 9th May 2017 an update was released. After receiving the bow, the cooldown of the bow shortens by 1 second every 5 emeralds players collect. The Murderer also gets a tracking compass when there's 2 minutes remaining in the timer.

If a Bystander kills an innocent player, they lose 10 Karma. For each win you get 3 Karma. The score players get is based on the time they survive, the kills and picking up emeralds.

Murder Mayhem MerchantsEdit

There are no Merchants on Murder Mayhem.


There are 10 maps. These are The Library, MCC Office, Evil Lair, Italy, Kings Domain, Jail Break, Portal, Fish Zoo, Junkyard and Murder Village.

Donator advantagesEdit

There are no donator advantages on Murder Mayhem.