Mounts were a feature used on the Lobbies. They got added 31st December 2014 and were removed with the big Cosmetic Treasure update in 1st April 2016. Players could use them through a bone in their hotbar on Lobbies.

General infoEdit

The mounts could be bought using Credits and later on also through Voting Treasures. Mounts could be ridden through the Lobby and some of the mounts had special abilities, such as the Spider mount that could climb. The Horse Mount was a Skeletal Horse. There were some areas that mounts were disabled in.

List of MountsEdit

  • Name - Price - Chance of receiving from Voting Treasures
  • Wolf - 5000 Credits - 2%
  • Pig - 5000 Credits - 2%
  • Sheep - 5000 Credits - 2%
  • Mooshroom - 10000 Credits - 1%
  • Spider - 100000 Credits - 1%
  • Horse - 50000 Credits - 0.25%
  • An option to disable Mounts

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