Infected was a Minigame that was only open for beta testing. The first beta test was on the 21st October 2014. There was only one map and one arena for it. 20 players could join the arena. The date of its removal isn't known but there were rumours of it coming out still in 2015.

General info

The idea of the minigame was to turn everyone into Zombies. One player was chosen as a Zombie and they had to kill all the Humans. When a Human was killed, they became a Zombie. If the amount of Zombies was more than that of Humans, then the Zombies won. (This may have been true the opposite way, too).

Zombies had a wooden sword and speed effect, whereas Humans got a bow and an iron sword.

Infected Merchants

There were no Merchants for Infected.

Donator Advantages

No Donator Advantages were available for Infected.


Infected had only one map that was opened for testing.

Infected 1
Infected 2