Factions is one of the gamemodes of Minecraft Central. It was added 6th July 2014. The idea of Factions is to have a faction that is powerful and loyal at the same time. There have been 6 resets to Factions, first one in 21st December 2014, second one in 30th May 2015, the third in 25th January 2016, the fourth in 2nd September 2016 and the fifth in 9th February 2017. The sixth reset happened in 21st June 2017. There are two Factions servers, 1 of which was added 3rd March 2015.

General InfoEdit

The goal is to either create or join a faction and build a base that other players can't raid. Factions have power and claims which need to be in balance. Factions is a very PvP-based gamemode and many things that normally aren't allowed, such as death-trapping and scamming are allowed.

There is a trading room, shop, enchanting station, tutorial room and Overworld, the Nether and the End worlds.

On Factions 4.0 some new Factions perks that can be purchased from the webstore were added in 31st January 2016. These included 15 Sethomes, No Fall Damage, TNT Fill Command, Kit Cannon, Kit Potions and stacking potions. The stacking potions ability was removed in 3rd February 2016.

The item selector for Factions is a TNT block. The NPC in Lobbies is a knight who is holding a TNT block. No data is linked between the two Factions servers.

Resets And RenovationsEdit

There have been 5 resets to Factions. The first reset added a new spawn and added some new small features such as a PvP arena. This happened in 21st December 2014. The second reset added a new spawn and also some bug fixes in 30th May 2015. The third reset added a new spawn, more balanced TNT Cannons, auctions and an all-flat End world. This happened in 25th January 2016.

In 2nd September 2016 Factions 5.0 was released. It added a simple PvP arena (/warp FPS), new maps, changes to kits and Treasure Chests and /F Top command. A bounty system was also added.

Factions 6.0 was released in 9th February 2017. It added a new spawn, made bedrock layer flat on all worlds, added a new PvP arena, new commands and small changes. In addition new gameplay features were added, such as GenBuckets and water in the Nether.

Factions 7.0 was released in 21st June 2017. A new spawn, PvP arena and market were added. The Nether was made flat, Sell Wands were added, Obsidian GenBuckets, Chest Envoys and /StatsTop were added and multiple bugs fixed.

Donator AdvantagesEdit

Search for a rank to see the perks Donators get on Factions.

Voting RewardsEdit

These rewards listed here are given when the user votes on all 4 sites. In addition they get 4 Voting Keys.

  • 4 TNT
  • $1,000 In-Game

Treasure ChestsEdit

See Treasure Chests for the information.

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