Creeper Attack was a Minigame that wasn't added to the server. It had a testing version and was playable by every player.

General Info

In Creeper Attack one player would be the Creeper. The Creeper's mission was to convert every other player to Creepers by blowing up near them. When the Creeper was ready to blow up, it turned into a Charged Creeper. Players could kill the Creeper and make it wait until it could respawn. If the Creeper was able to infect a player, the player turned into a Creeper. The idea is the same as in tag.

Creeper Attack Merchants

There were no Merchants or Donator perks for Creeper Attack as it was only in testing.


There was only one map that had a city theme in it. It had multiple tall buildings and places to hide. A well-known place was a bridge crossing a river. The bridge was an excellent place to hide from the Creeper.