Capture the Flag is one of the Minigames on Minecraft Central. It was released the 14th October 2014. It has 33 arenas and 8 maps.

General Info

In Capture the Flag players' goal is to steal the other team's flag and return it to their own base. There are 2 teams, Red and Blue. Maximum of 30 players can join a game and 15 are required to start the game. Players get to choose their team in the parkour area but if the teams are uneven, the game will balance them automatically.

Players spawn with a stone sword, Infinity I and Power I bow and 1 arrow. There is a time limit of 900 seconds and if no one has captured the other team's flag when the game ends, the team with most kills wins.

Capture the Flag Merchants

See Merchants for more information.

Donator Advantages

There aren't currently any advantages for Donators in Capture the Flag.


There are 8 maps. These are Castle Warfare, Clash Valley, Castle Warfare 2, Jungle Warfare, Land of Bones, Lost Kingdom, Sandy Fortress and Seclusion.

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