CakeWars is one of the Minigames of Minecraft Central. It was added on 25th March 2017. There are 25 maps. A maximum of 8 players may play at one arena in Solo CakeWars at the same time, and 8 players are required to start the game. In Team CakeWars the maximum is 12 players and minimum is 12 players, too.

General infoEdit

The idea of CakeWars is to be the last player or team to survive. Players have islands as their base and they need to buy items or upgrades with the iron and gold they get. There are smaller islands where diamonds spawn. Emeralds only spawn in the middle island. The players need to protect the cake of the team from being destroyed. If a cake is destroyed, the players of that team can't respawn anymore. A team is eliminated when both their cake is destroyed and the team members have all died. There is no time limit for the game.

The team colors in Solo CakeWars are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White, Pink, and Gray. In Team CakeWars they are Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

Item ShopEdit

In 27th April the 3 explosive Snowballs were removed from the Item Shop. They were replaced by the Tracking Compass that costs the same amount as snowballs, 10 Gold.


Picture Name Description Cost
Permanent Chainmail Armor Chainmail Leggings and Boots 40 Iron
Iron Boots
Permanent Iron Armor Iron Leggings and Boots 12 Gold
1 Double Jump
Permanent Diamond Armor Diamond Leggings and Boots 6 Emerald


Picture Name Description Cost
Wooden Sword
Wooden Sword 1 Wooden Sword 6 Iron
Stone Sword
Stone Sword 1 Stone Sword 20 Iron
Iron Sword
Iron Sword 1 Iron Sword 8 Gold
Diamond Sword
Diamond Sword 1 Diamond Sword 4 Emerald
Knocking Stick
Knocking Stick 1 Stick with Knockback II 10 Gold


Picture Name Description Cost
16 Wool
Wool Wool x16 4 Iron
16 Sandstone
Sandstone Sandstone x16 12 Iron
16 End Stone
End Stone End Stone x16 24 Iron
16 Ladders
Ladder Ladder x16 4 Iron
16 Wooden Planks
Wooden Plank Wooden Plank x16 4 Gold
4 Obsidian
Obsidian Obsidian x4 4 Emerald

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Picture Name Description Cost
Bow Bow x1 12 Gold
Bow Enchanted
Bow (Power I) Bow (Power I) x1 24 Gold
Bow Enchanted
Bow (Power I, Punch I) Bow (Power I, Punch I) 6 Emerald
8 Arrows
Arrows Arrow x8 2 Gold

Tools / EquipmentEdit

Picture Name Description Cost
Shears Shears x1 20 Iron
Enchanted Stone Pickaxe
Stone Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe (Efficiency II) x1 30 Iron
Enchanted Iron Pickaxe
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe (Efficiency II) x1 8 Gold
Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe
Diamond Pickaxe Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency III) x1 12 Gold
Enchanted Diamond Axe
Diamond Axe Diamond Axe (Efficiency II) x1 12 Gold


Picture Name Description Cost
Enchanted Bottle
Speed Potion Speed II Potion (45 Seconds) 1 Emerald
Enchanted Bottle
Jump Potion Jump V Potion (45 Seconds) 1 Emerald
Enchanted Bottle
Invisibility Potion Invisibility Potion (30 Seconds) 1 Emerald


Picture Name Description Cost
Golden Apple
Golden Apple Golden Apple x1 3 Gold
Tracking Compass Tracking Compass x1 10 Gold
Fireball Fireball x1 40 Iron
TNT TNT x1 4 Gold
Enderpearl Cooldown
Enderpearl Enderpearl x1 4 Emerald
Water Drip
Water Bucket Water Bucket x1 1 Emerald
Iron Pressure Plate
Pressure Plate Trap Pressure Plate Trap x1 1 Emerald


Costs in () are for Team CakeWars. An update was released on 5th April 2017, when the upgrades could be upgraded to higher levels. Knockback I in swords was also replaced with Depth Strider. Various prices were also changed.

Picture Name Description Cost
Iron Ingot
(50%, 100%, 150%, 200%) Faster Iron Increase the drop speed of your Iron Ingots by (50%, 100%, 150%, 200%)! (More Iron) 1/2/3/4 (2/4/6/8) Diamond
Gold Ingot
(50%, 100%, 150%, 200%) Faster Gold Increase the drop speed of your Gold Ingots by (50%, 100%, 150%, 200%)! (More Gold) 1/2/3/4 (2/4/6/8) Diamond
Explosive Trap Lvl (1,2,3,4) When your cake is destroyed, it shall explode! Explosion Size = (100%, 200%, 300%, 400%) 1/2/3/4 (2/4/6/8) Diamond
Enchanted Iron Boots
Feather Falling (I, II, III, IV) All members on your team receive Feather Fall (I, II, III, IV) on their boots! 1/2/3/4 (2/4/6/8) Diamond
Enchanted Gold Boots
Depth Strider (I, II, III) All members on your team receive Depth Strider (I, II, III) on their boots! 1/2/3 (2/4/8) Diamond
Enchanted Diamond Chestplate
Protection (I, II, III) All members on your team receive Protection (I, II, III) on all armor pieces! 2/4/6 (4/8/12) Diamond
Enchanted Iron Sword
Sharpness (I, II, III) All members on your team receive Sharpness (I, II, III) on their swords! 4/8/12 (8/16/24) Diamond
Enchanted Gold Sword
Knockback I All members on your team receive Knockback I on their swords! 5 (10) Diamond

CakeWars MerchantsEdit

There are no Merchants on CakeWars.


There are 25 maps. These are Space Station (Solo), Cake Fortress (Solo), Desertland (Solo) Watch Tower (Solo), Volcanic Plains (Solo), Island Haven (Solo), Egyptian Temples (Solo), Underworld (Solo), 1485 Renaissance (Team), Sky Temple (Team), Chinatown (Team), Alpine Islands (Team), Kings Canyon (Team), Prehistoric Land (Team), Trivago (Team), Outsider (Team), Atlantis (Team), Caked Away (Team), Jurassic Lands (Team), Pompeii (Team), Spire (Team), Paradise (Team), Pine Top (Team), Galactic City (Team).

Donator advantagesEdit

There are no donator advantages on CakeWars.

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